GHD Platinum Plus Review

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The Ghd brand has earned international prestige for the quality and durability of its hair care and personal health products. Our opinion coincides; this is one of the best hair straightener brands. You will achieve a perfect finish in less time and with the best quality.

In this post, we will talk about the GHD Platinum+ hair straightener. It is a model available since 2016 and has been outstandingly rated by its users (with more than 2,500 reviews) for providing quality service. Priced at $279, this straightener guarantees the best results and has been designed with top-notch materials, ensuring prolonged durability. When it comes to trust, GHD is the classic choice that we will continue to recommend.

GHD PLatinum PLus

Our Observations on the GHD Platinum Plus Hair Straightener

The GHD Platinum Plus hair straightener incorporates predictive ultra-zone technology, with two sensors (one per plate) that monitor the surface temperature up to 250 times per second and adapt their power to achieve a consistent styling temperature of 365ºF regardless of your hair type, section size, or styling speed.

Working at a constant temperature of 365ºF from roots to ends provides long-lasting results; that’s why GHD hair straighteners do not have a temperature regulator.

The ghd platinum+ is optimal for all hair types, from long to short or medium-length hair, and is versatile thanks to its rounded barrel design, allowing you to achieve polished, smooth straightening, as well as wave and curl hairstyles that last all day.

The patented shaft design of this styler provides smooth and tug-free gliding. Moreover, you can take your ghd straightener anywhere in the world as it has universal voltage. With its automatic sleep mode, you won’t have to worry about whether you’ve unplugged the hair straightener before leaving, as it turns off after 30 minutes of inactivity.



This Hair Straightener features Ultra-zone predictive technology: the latest innovation in styling tools that ensures a consistent and even temperature across both plates, guaranteeing brilliant and spectacular results in a single pass.

The design of its precision-floated and polished plates provides an ultra-shiny finish for effortless and tug-free gliding and a unique shine.

You can experiment with this hair straightener as much as you want without any fear.

Key Features of This Hair Straightener to Consider

  • Ultra-zone predictive technology
  • Unique and exclusive shaft
  • Precision-floated and polished plates
  • Heat-resistant plate protector
  • Universal voltage
  • Automatic shutdown mode

On/Off, How Long Does It Take for the Plates to Heat Up?

This hair straightener reaches a maximum temperature of 365ºF, a temperature that allows it to work to its full potential due to the ultra-zone technology it has been designed with. This temperature makes it suitable for all hair types, but while it does excellent curls and waves, they don’t last as long as straightening.

It takes just 20 seconds to reach the desired temperature. It includes a thermostat that allows it to control the temperature. The ultra-zone technology comes with two infinite sensors that measure heat distribution and ensure it remains evenly distributed up to 250 times per second.

Adjustable temperature It introduces the innovative ultra-zone predictive technology that recognizes each hair section and adjusts the power to ensure a constant and even styling temperature of 365ºF across the entire surface of both plates, delivering spectacular results in a single pass.

The temperature is monitored 250 times per second, and thanks to its predictive technology, it adapts to the thickness of the hair, the section size, and the speed of use of the styler, adjusting the power immediately and ensuring optimal personalized results for you.

Design and Materials of the Hair Straightener

The unique and exclusive shaft for perfect alignment of the plates provides maximum control in creating any look, from curls and waves to smooth straightening.

The precision-floated and polished plates with an ultra-shiny finish for effortless and tug-free gliding and a unique shine. The heat-resistant plate protector is perfect for protecting and taking your styler with you wherever you go.

The 2.7m swivel connection cable makes it easy to use the styler. It is practical when gathering certain hair strands. Its shape facilitates impeccable straightening, without frizz or imperfections. You don’t need to be a professional to get professional-quality results.

What Are the Main Features of the GHD Platinum Plus

The ideal use of this product is for delicate hair that needs care. However, it is useful and effective on any hair type because its application technology allows the creation of different hairstyles. The design has been thought out to be easy to use and that you can achieve both impeccable straightening and curls, waves, or loops.

No matter how much time passes, the GHD Platinum Plus straightener includes plates aligned with precision using the latest technology in balance and tilt, resulting in guaranteed durability. The passage of time will no longer be a problem. Heat is distributed evenly, and friction and movement to which the plates are subjected due to daily use will not affect the fundamental aspect of this product, which is the sensors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the GHD Platinum Plus

If you are looking for a styler that respects the health of your hair and offers you salon-like results in a single pass, discover the ghd platinum+ styler: hair 70% stronger (reduces breakage and up to 2 times color loss compared to hair straighteners working at 446ºF), x 2 times more color protection, and 20% (compared to air-dried hair) more shine. Bring out the queen in you with ghd!

While we cannot speak of disadvantages in GHD Hair Straighteners, it is true that there are many user comments with very rebellious hair, stating that to achieve perfect straightening, they must pass the straightener through their hair several times, as well as in these same heads, curls and waves are not as long-lasting.